Fantastic Silver Medal Win at International Package Design Award

October 23, 2014
Nongfu Spring Whisked Milk Tea was awarded the Silver Pentaward 2014

Nongfu Spring Whisked Milk Tea was awarded the Silver Pentaward 2014 – Beverages at a ceremony in Tokyo on October 9th. This follows Nongfu Spring’s Silver Pentaward 2012 – Beverages for its Oriental Leaf tea.

The Pentawards, regarded as the Oscar in product packaging design, is the only competition devoted to packaging design in all its forms. Created in 2007, the Pentawards award design projects from beverage, food, personal care and luxury. It is judged by an international jury, which awards a bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond standard based on the creative quality.

Clever, creative design not only impacts packaging trends, but also reflects brand spirit. The design of Whisked Milk Tea is inspired by Chasen, a tool similar to a spoon for making tea in ancient times. Chasen is normally made with bamboo. In the Song Dynasty, a tea drinking method called Dian Cha became very popular in China. People pour boiling water into a bowl with Matcha powders and use Chasen to whisk the mixture. After the Ming Dynasty, people in China started to use tea leaves and Chasen were no longer used.

Nongfu Spring believes that mixing is the key to a great milk tea, just like using Chasen in ancient times. Today, Nongfu Spring uses advanced centrifuging and homogenizing techniques to blend the best tea leaves and high-quality milk powder from New Zealand. The result is “Whisked Milk Tea” with its smooth taste and rich aroma.