Winning: Three Top International Design Awards in One Month

June 29, 2015
Nongfu Spring’s Award Winning Bottle Design

BIZ.IFENG.COM – On 29 May, the 17th International Food and Beverage Excellence Awards (FAB Awards) were held in London. 138 finalists were selected out of 5,000 applicants worldwide.

Nongfu Spring’s design for its glass bottled water won the Packaging Design FABulous Award and the FAB award for Non-Alcohol Packaging Design, beating designs from Coco Cola and Bacardi. Nongfu Spring’s design was the only project to win two awards and also the first Chinese product to be recognized.

Since May, the design for the glass bottled water has already won three top international awards.

Nongfu Spring’s design for its glass bottled water won the Packaging Design FABulous Award

Nongfu Spring’s design for its glass bottled water won the Packaging Design FABulous Award

May 6th, the design for Nongfu Spring’s glass bottled water won the 2015 Dieline International Packaging Design Award for Non-Alcoholic Beverages. Nongfu Spring is the first-ever Chinese company to win and this is the first time a company from mainland China has been nominated.

May 21st, Nongfu Spring’s packaging design for its glass bottled water won the Wood Pencil Award at the 2015 D&AD Awards. D&AD, regarded as the Oscar for industrial creativity, is the world’s most influential award for advertising and design. To promote excellence in design and advertising, D&AD was founded in 1962 and is judged by a panel of the world’s top designers. Each year, no more than five percent of projects are nominated. The “veto” right of each judge makes D&AD the most critical and also the most rigorous award in the world

Three Years’ Design

The water source for Nongfu Spring’s premium glass bottled water is Moya Spring, located in the Changbai Mountains. In 2009, Nongfu Spring discovered the low-sodium, light-mineral spring by chance. But Nongfu Spring’s biggest challenge was to develop a packaging design to match the water’s superior quality.

The company invited five top studios from Britain, Italy and Russia to create a design. Based on their submissions, it took three years of discussion, revisions and 58 drafts to arrive at the final design in 2014.

Nongfu Spring emphasised that the design must reflect the natural ecology of the Changbai Mountains.

There are eight packaging designs for the premium glass bottled water. The four transparent still water bottles are decorated with weather and plants typical of Changhai Mountains, including snowflakes, Malus komarovii, fern and Korean pine nuts. The four green sparkling water bottles adopted four animals from the Changhai Mountains – the Siberian tiger, Chinese merganser, C. canadensis xanthopygus and osprey. Each bottle also includes a short description of the design.