Orchards & Growers

Our home is in China, where agricultural history started over 5,000 years ago. Our vision is global. Nongfu Spring is committed to contributing to China’s agricultural modernisation and introducing world-leading technology and management innovation to upgrade our local orange industry.

It is a symbol of Nongfu Spring’s hard-working spirit and our harmonious relationship with both orchards and growers.

Most of our growers have been working in the orchards for over 10 years, painstakingly cultivating fruit and continuously pursuing higher standards.

Through introducing industry-leading field management, data technology and stringent quality control systems, Nongfu Spring has revolutionised the local orange industry and significantly benefited our orchards and growers.

Our market leading 17.5° Orange and Orange Juices are a combination of natural goodness and agricultural innovation.


About agricultural modernisation

Traditional agriculture depends on the weather, and as a result the quality of the fruit is often difficult to control.

As a forerunner of China’s agricultural modernisation, Nongfu Spring believes the key to success is through technology innovation, stringent quality control and production standardisation.

We continuously explore new methods of cultivating fruit trees, improving our production technology and applying up-to-date field management to our orchards.

Science and technology innovation combined with superior natural conditions have made Nongfu Spring 17.5° Orange and Juices a great market success.

Nongfu Spring premium quality 17.5° Oranges and Juices were chosen to supply the 2016 G20 Summit and served to heads of states from around the world.