Natural Mineral Water

Our premium water source Moya Spring is located at Lushuihe National Forest Park in upper Changbai Mountain’s ecological preservation area. Springs melted from snow and ice on top of Changbai Mountain converge underground, moving along holes and cracks in the basalt. The spring water dissolves silicon dioxide in surrounding rocks to form silicate-type mineral water. The sodium content in the water is especially low at 2.0~6.8mg/L, which gives a refreshing taste and feel of the ice and snow. Our premium quality low-sodium mineral water is second-to-none in China’s domestic market.

Natural Drinking Water

We choose high quality natural water sources that contain many natural minerals which are suitable for long term consumption. Our natural drinking water is a naturally light alkaline water and includes beneficial levels of potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and silicic acid.

Nongfu Spring's Bottled Water: Natural Drinking Water

Natural Mineral Water with Sports Cap

The unique design of the sports cap is convenient for people to open and close the bottle with one hand. The illustrations on the bottles are characterised with fairy tales from Changbai Mountain’s four seasons in unique style, vivid imagination and rich colour.

Flavoured Water

Nongfu Spring Flavoured Water is made by our natural drinking water blended with fresh fruit juice. There are four flavours including Grape, Lemon, Pomelo and Lychee.

Natural Drinking Water (Suitable for Infants and Young Children)

We have also developed high quality natural water that is specifically designed for use in preparing infant and child formulas, for parent’s peace of mind. Nongfu Spring specially designed this drinking water to satisfy the needs of infants and young children. Water originates from Moya Spring in Changbai Mountains and gushes from beneath the volcanic basalt surface. This water is purified through the rock stratum before gushing out from below. It is sterilised by going through high temperature heating before being bottled in aseptic condition. Our water is suitable for daily drinking and usage in infant formula and preparing children’s foods.

Nongfu Spring's Natural Water for Infants and Children