17.5 ° is the symbol of our hardworking spirit. Most of our farmers have been working in the field for over 10 years, painstakingly cultivating fruit and vegetables to a high standard.

The apples used for 17.5 ° NFC Apple Juice are from Xinjiang, China. The apples are cold-pressed and the juice is exposed to a cold chain management process to preserve its freshness. No additives, no concentrates. Just 100 percent pure apple juice retains the rich nutrition from Xinjiang apples. One litre of apple juice contains 9.5 fresh apples!

17.5° NFC Orange Juice is produced from fresh oranges from Ganzhou, China. The oranges are cold-pressed and the juice is exposed to cold-chain management. There are no additives, no concentrates, just 100 percent pure orange juice which retains rich nutrition from the fruits. One litre of 17.5° NFC orange juice contains 12.6 oranges (Average weight of orange is about 200g).

Nongfu Spring's Juices: 17.5°

Farmer’s Orchard

Our fruit juice is grown naturally and supports farmers in local orchards. Our fruit and vegetables are sourced from plantations with premium product quality.

Water Soluble C100

Water Soluble C100 meets your daily requirement for vitamin C – each bottle contains an amount of vitamin C equal to five and half fresh lemons. With its unique bottle design, sweet and sour taste, and fresh juice, Water Soluble C100 has set a revolutionary new trend in the beverage industry.

Water Soluble C100