Tea π

Infused with 100% tea extract and fresh fruit juice, Tea π has a wonderful taste and stylish design. Tea π has four innovative flavours – Grapefruit Jasmine, Peach Oolong, Citrus Green Tea and Lemon Black Tea. It is loved by young health-conscious Chinese in pursuit of perfection.


Whisked Milk Tea

Nongfu Spring’s Whisked Milk Tea has a smooth taste and rich aroma thanks to centrifuging and homogenising techniques. The high-pressure process mixes the tea and milk together to create a fine quality milk tea you can enjoy every day.

Whisked Milk Tea

Oriental Leaf

Oriental Leaf is inspired by traditional Chinese tea. Our tea leaves are naturally extracted and then processed through aseptic cold filling. This process helps to retain the tea’s wonderful original colour, smell and flavour. Oriental Leaf’s flavours – oolong, jasmine, green tea and black tea – are a welcome revival of China’s traditional tea culture. We are strong advocates for healthy drinks and Oriental Leaf Tea was developed as a healthy zero-sugar, low calorie option.

Nongfu Spring's Oriental Leaf