We constantly strive to provide our consumers with high quality, natural waters, juices and other beverage products. And most importantly, all of our water taste great!
We are continuously looking for high quality, pristine water sources across China. We have established our water bottling plants beside high quality water sources in China and worked hard to be conscientious in taking care of the environment.
Our world-leading manufacturing technology, advanced production management systems and logistics enable us to provide the best quality drinking water and beverages to our consumers everyday.

Thousand-Island Lake, Zhejiang Province

With a water area of 573 square kilometres and a volume of 17.84 billion cubic metres, China’s Thousand-Island Lake is a protected water resource. Surrounded by dense forest, the lake’s water is clear, sweet and with light alkalinity. It contains many natural minerals that are beneficial to the human body and is suitable for long term consumption. We take water from deep underneath the lake and bottle it at our Thousand-Island Lake production plant.

Wanlv Lake, Guangdong Province

Wanlv Lake is a national park with lush forest and spectacular mountains. With a water area of 370 square kilometres, China’s Wanlv Lake is a protected water resource. The lake’s water is naturally light in alkalines with a balanced composition of minerals. We obtain our water from 60 meters beneath the lake’s surface. In the middle of the 20th century, Wanlv Lake was chosen to be the drinking water source for Hong Kong because of its excellent water quality and proximity.

Danjiangkou, Hubei Province

Located at the Qinling Mountains and Daba Mountain drainage basin, Danjiangkou is known as “China’s water capital”. In early 2000, Danjiangkou was selected to be the source of Middle Route of South to North Water Project because of its excellent water quality. We draw naturally light alkaline water deep underneath, which contains natural minerals suitable for long term consumption.

Changbai Mountain, Jilin Province

Beautiful Changbai Mountain is located in northern China with most peaks exceeding 2,000 metres. It is covered by snow for as long as nine months every year and boasts one of the world’s most prestigious water resources. We take water from Changbai Mountain’s Cuocao Spring and Moya Spring, whose pure spring water gushes from cracks in basalt and remains at a temperature of 9±2℃ all year round. Water from these two springs is naturally filtered and mineralised through tundra and rock formations, especially Moya Spring water which is characterised by silicic acid.

Manas of Mount Tianshan, Xinjiang Province

We take the world premium glacier melt water from the loose rock stratum 170m underneath the riverbed of Manas in Junggar Basin. The alkalescent water originates from Mount Tianshan and is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and silicic acid.

Mount Taibai, Shaanxi Province

East River Spring is located in the uninhabited zone of eastern Mount Taibai. Melted snow, rainfall and underground streams merge and are purified by vegetation, soil and granite. The spring is called a “river” by local people due to its huge volume of water. The water from East River Spring is naturally alkalescent and infused with calcium, magnesium, potassium and silicic acid suitable for long term consumption.

Mount Emei, Sichuan Province

Mount Emei is one of the best natural water sources in China. It has abundant rainfall and its mountain top is covered by snow for seven months of the year. Large amounts of melted snow and rain is purified by the lush vegetation and seeps into the underground stratum. The product is clean, pure spring water rich in beneficial levels of calcium, magnesium, potassium and silicic acid.

Wuling Mountain, Guizhou Province

Wuling Mountain, which stretches across Guizhou and three other provinces, is famous for its steep cliffs, dense forests and waterfalls higher than 100 meters. Replenished by the vegetation and purified by the quartz sandstone, the mountain spring is naturally light in alkalines, contains multiple minerals and tastes sweet and fresh.